4 Reasons Why You Should Pay More For Enterprise Web And App Hosting

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay More for Enterprise Web And App Hosting

You can jump on Google right now and run a search for “Enterprise Web and Application Hosting” then sit back, hold tight and be prepared for the deluge of results. There are just too many options out there.  To make matters worse reading reviews and comparisons will leave your head spinning.  Pros, cons, benefits, disadvantages, … Read more

WordPress Zero-Day vulnerability, is this the end of the world?

Business IT in London and the UK - WordPress zero hour

No, but it’s very epic! The latest news is that a Finland-based security firm has found a critical vulnerability in the core engine of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). What they have discovered is a Zero-Day flaw that could allow hackers to execute remote code on the webserver, taking over the CMS platform by simply … Read more

Are you ready to go mobile? Hurry up!

Mobile Friendly Website - London Business IT

Is your website ready to go mobile? In other words, is it mobile-friendly? Well, by 21st April 2015 it better be! So what has Google done now! They have after a rather long wait (although this was announced end of 2014), unveiled their mobile-friendly label and soon algorithm change that will come into force starting 21st … Read more

Continual Professional Development and Staff Training

Professional Development at Amazing Support

We’re all about internal staff training at Amazing Support. It also helps having a “Debonair Director” leading the training session! What we try to promote as often as possible is full internal training and continuous professional development across the Support Teams. It ensures that our clients can be serviced and supported by all of our … Read more