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The Importance of Hiding Your IP Address to Protect Your Privacy

Why You Need to hide the IP address of your IoT devices

The Internet of Things or IoT have tremendously transformed our lives, but is it for the better? Experts worry that with the widespread use of smart tablets and internet-enabled home appliances, a cybersecurity epidemic might be on the horizon.

IoT devices are equipped with software and sensors which allow them to collect and exchange data through the internet. The remotely controlled objects of IoT can be used to make a direct integration with your computer systems, which will increase the efficiency and provide economic benefit to the users.

However, IoTs can also lead you into privacy issues and data mining as it tracks your personal data and IP address, hence exposing the location that can be associated with you and the device.

This article will discuss how much information can be revealed with your IP address and why you need to secure it.

What is an IP address?

Everyone who connects to the internet has an IP address. It allows devices of sender and recipient to connect each other and exchange information. Two devices cannot find each other without an IP address. An IP address is a logical location or an address of your computer when you are connected on the internet. It can reveal your location down to the zip code.

Website owners and advertisers can combine your IP address with information obtained from metadata, trackers, cookies, and browser-fingerprinting tactics to identify and target you effectively. 

What does an IP say about your identity and location?

Your IP reveals your physical location such as deeper information that includes your country, city, state or province, even your postal code.

Your location can be combined with websites that you have visited, your interests, people you have communicated with, and many more so they can learn about you and present you with more targeted ads and content, even sell all of your data to some bidders.

Internet Service Providers or ISP’s even privy to more information. It knows almost everything about you since you are a customer, such as your name, phone number, address, bank details, credit card numbers, transaction histories, and many more.

Advertiser’s geo-targeting with an IP

IP-based geo-targeting of ads is identified as the key that enables higher returns. Its ability is based on highly accurate information of your specific location down to your postal code which can improve the accuracy of campaigns and equal a reduction in the wasted impression of a page dramatically.

As the ecosystem of advertising became more data-driven, IP geolocation has been used to target ads locally. Advertisers have recognized that and started using IP data as innovative ways to drive engagement and make advertisements more tailored and relevant.


The potential threats to digital privacy are staggering. Though the hope of decency will breed in government by that transparency, we cannot deny that our data in IP addresses can also be used for political manipulation and social control.

The security concerns have become an issue as IoT devices which can expose your real IP are perfect prey for attacks by third parties. Therefore, you may consider using a VPN router to secure all IoT devices as it can encrypt your internet traffic and hide your IP address.

Now you can enter the world of smart technology knowing that privacy and security is guaranteed.

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