Useful tips on working and staying secure during the second Covid UK lockdown

We know it was tough the first time around and for a lot of businesses they had to make urgent and reactive changes to their working habits and cyber security.

Fortunately the majority of companies are now prepared and ready to face the challenge of a second UK lockdown whilst continuing to work from home from Thursday 5th November. But we thought, to make the next 48 hours a little easier for you, we would organise our main tips and guides into a new blog that will help you through the month covering remote working, using Zoom and keeping cyber secure whilst you and your staff work at home.

Remember, no matter how disruptive Covid-19 is, just like 7 months ago, we are #NotGoingAnywhere and we’ll continue to support and protect our clients every day throughout this global pandemic ❤️

Stay safe, be well and speak to you soon.

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