Watford… Est. 1894

A straight shot northwest from London using the M1 will land a commuter in the town of Watford.

It vies for the title of largest town in Hertfordshire against its northern neighbor, Hemel Hempstead. In pop culture it is now linked to the Harry Potter films as Leavesden Film Studios calls Watford home. With parks, gardens, theaters and museum, Watford has attracted people all over England to settle in its borders.

However, it is due to its proximity to London that Watford’s population (which was already high for a northern county) has steadily increased over the years. This boom is undoubtedly the result of the numerous options commuters have to get into the city. There’s the M1, but there’s also not one, but three railway stations that shuttles passengers to the heart of London. Those on the southern edge of Watford near Cassiobury Park (where one of our Directors, Jamie Claret grew up!) can head into the London Underground and catch the Tube into the city.

Unsurprisingly, businesses have also taken advantage of Watford’s proximity to the city, causing some of them to set up shop within the towns borders. JD Wetherspoon, Mothercare, Camelot Group and Bathstore have their headquarters here, while international powerhouses like Hilton Worldwide, Costco and Beko all maintain offices in Watford. Smaller businesses have started moving out of the city and into town within the recent years. Competition for space has caused sky rocketed overhead costs and business responded by moving out of the London core.

IT Support in Watford - skyline

Businesses, both large and small, do need to remember one thing, and that is that digital threats that they had to deal with in the city can very well follow them out of it.

For companies like Costco and Bathstore, they need simply engage their IT departments and a veritable army of technicians will sort things out. However, for small businesses the risk is much, much greater. A breach, a piece of stolen data, an instance of ransomware is serious business to a large company, but for a small business it can very well cause them to close up shop for good. The need for better cyber security measures has never been greater. Unfortunately, for many small businesses they neither have the skills or resources to get their security solutions up and running.

Fortunately, IT support companies exist to fill the need of companies who are lacking in the IT department. Staffed by seasoned IT veterans, a company that provides IT support in Watford can do so much more than just install and implement your business’ cyber security measures. These IT technicians and engineers have experience in a wide variety of IT cases; from getting your router up and running, to setting up a server and all the way to configuring a network, these companies pride themselves on being able to handle it all.

More importantly, IT support companies allow small businesses to focus on what they’re great at; building a business, engaging new clients and generating revenue. They lift the burden of IT issues from the shoulders of business owners who would have had no other means of tackling things like cyber threats, malware and the like.

Who are Amazing Support?

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