Welcome to Essex

Situated northeast of London lies the beautiful seaside county of Essex.

Stretching from Bishop’s Stratford and Harlow in the western interior to Clacton-on-Sea and Maldon on the eastern coast. Chelmsford is the anchor by being the only city in the county. The M11, A120, M25 and A12 all cut through Essex and can deliver a Londoner into its various towns in no time at all. The effects of bordering London can be felt throughout the county but especially so in the southern parts of Essex which the urban sprawl has clearly touched.

Londoners wishing to get out of the city but don’t want to stray too far from the water often find themselves in Essex, in places like Grays or Southend-on-Sea. While those looking for a taste of the country choose more idyllic settings in the north like Finchingfield. Throughout the last couple of decades Essex has seen more and more Londoners fill its ranks. Its proximity to the city has led many to relocate to its less populated, less busy and more affordable towns. Numerous highways to get in and out of the London core, along with excellent public transit options make Essex an excellent choice for people who work in the city but don’t want to pay city prices.

Businesses, however, look at things the other way around.

Essex-churchThey see Essex as a place where they can do business with London without having the overhead that usually comes along with doing business in London. Indeed many companies already call Essex home including the Ford Motor Company which is situated in Brentwood, electronics manufacturer Marconi Company is in Chelmsford, while State Street Corporation decided to set up their UK headquarters in Basildon. But it is not just large multinationals that have landed in Essex.

Small to medium businesses as well as startups have fled to Essex, trading London’s clogged avenues to scenes of the ocean and countryside. These kinds of companies, who usually have substantially less capital than big companies, benefit the most from the London exodus. Overhead is less, which means operating costs plummet substantially. Taxes are less. Say goodbye to the congestion charge. Property and rent are less for their employees. Now that is all well and good, but what they should not forget is that some headaches can also follow them out of the city.

Cybercriminals are persistent attackers. They have the ability to follow their targets across the globe. Cyberattacks can cripple big companies and completely destroy small ones, which is why it is essential that all businesses implement some sort of security measure. The complexity and success of their security usually relies on two things; budget and expertise.

Small companies usually lack both and should definitely seek the aid of a company that provides IT support in Essex. Made of seasoned IT veterans, highly trained and with years of experience, these professionals can help most business not just with their security needs but the entire spectrum of IT services. Whether it be setting up a modem, configuring anti-virus solutions, or getting an entire network up and running, they are the ones to call for the job.

Who are Amazing Support?

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