What Happens Next?


Now that your first invoice has been settled (or if you have signed your contract),
the following process will normally be actioned:

1. Contract and Direct Debit filed internally
2. Account setup on our helpdesk for immediate support
3. Account and recurring amounts setup on our invoice system
4. Scheduled tasks/warranty/renewal dates put in diary
5. Scheduled customer service/account management calls put in diary
6. Scheduled remote/on-site maintenance put in diary
7. Schedule annual review put in diary
8. Pre-audit info sent to client
9. Passwords from previous IT company received
10. Network audit booked in with client
11. Network audit completed, photos taken, labelling, remote access and monitoring installed on devices
12. All information stored securely on our management information systems
13. Asset Management document completed
14. Audit and Risk Assessment document completed
15. Follow up meeting scheduled to go through best practice and recommended changes as identified in the audit and risk assessment