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Why is IT-related third party support so important?

Whenever we sign up a new client we email out a little guide for them to read through. Lots of useful stuff in it, telephone numbers, how we work, what we support and why we do it.

But there is one paragraph in there that is very important and sets us apart from the “hands-off” IT companies and enables us to be really “hands-on”. The paragraph is titled, “Can you act as the point of contact for our IT-related third parties?”


Based on our long-standing knowledge of working with multiple third party vendors, we understand that businesses do not always have the available time to communicate emergency or project issues to their third party IT providers.

We therefore include this service as part of our IT Management and Support contracts. Our methodology is to work as the point of contact liaison between you and all third party contracted providers relating to the sustainability of your company’s core IT and software systems. It just makes sense for us to do this and actually speeds up issue resolution times if we handle these for you.

3rd Party Business IT Support

However we do require that a support agreement is active between you and the third party vendor for us to be able to escalate any support queries to them, together with us being added as an authorised contact so that we can speak with them on your behalf. So this could be your Internet Provider, Accounting Software, CRM Company, Telephone Supplier, in fact anything IT-related. The problem that we face frequently is that clients either do not have or do not renew their support agreements with their IT-related suppliers.  This therefore causes us problems as we want to take these worries away from you, you want us to take the mess off your hands (that’s why you’re paying us) but we cannot escalate upwards because support agreements are not in place.

We will flag up during an initial new-client audit if you have/do not have a support agreement in place with your IT-related third parties, especially those that we know require one to be setup for your critical third party services to be supported. If you choose not to create one or not to renew existing support/license policies then we cannot do what we need to keep you supported.

Help us help you and let us be responsible for your third party related IT problems – ensure you have an active third party support agreement.

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