Windows 10 Update: The top 3 new features

There are some great new features coming out for Windows 10.

The best thing about these features is that they won’t change the software as a whole too dramatically. In fact, only one feature is big enough to make a real impact – but we’ll run through that below.

Let’s take a look at the picks for the top three new features being added to Windows 10, and how they can change the way you use your operating system.


1. Timeline

Timeline is a top new feature for Windows 10. This is because it completely replaces something that you’ll already be familiar with. The Task View button shows you what apps you’re currently running. Timeline performs this task too. However, it’s been developed to replace Task View because in addition to this it can also show you what activities and apps you’ve been running on your Windows PC over the last 30 days.

Because these activities and apps can be synced across multiple devices, you can see them and when they were used on your other screens, too.

Another great thing about Timeline is that it can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Edge, found on Android and iOS. You can also access the history of your smartphone on your computer desktop. Due to this new addition, Microsoft will be updating its Edge applications to support this feature.

It’s one of the main reasons why we like it and why it’s going to be popular. If you’re concerned about the privacy aspect of sharing across multiple devices, there is the option to disable this part of the feature. You can also disable the activity of your history, too.


2. Dictation

While dictation isn’t anything new when it comes to Microsoft, the software giant has developed a quick and convenient way to access the version found with Windows 10 with the update you will get in April 2018. It’s easy to launch – all you do is press the H and the windows key.

This will allow you to dictate with any app. Depending on the quality of your microphone, this new feature can work well for you.


3. Focus Assist

This feature focuses on the ‘do-not-disturb’ app for Windows 10. You’ll most likely have heard of this feature already – it’s previously been called ‘quiet hours.’ Now called ‘focus assist,’ it’s a more advanced aware of keeping those notifications at bay when you’re trying to focus.

You can set up focus assist so that it will automatically mute any notifications that pop up while you’re making a presentation or playing a game, to name a couple of activities. This feature is a great way to prevent frustrating pop-ups when you’re in the middle of a work meeting or at the crucial moment of a game.

A little feature of this particular update on Windows 10 that we love in particular is its ability to discriminate between trivial and important notifications. You can let specific apps still notify you, even when other apps can’t. This is useful if you’re waiting for an important email but don’t want your mum texting through and disturbing your presentation.



You can jump straight into these great new Windows 10 features from Microsoft. They’ll change the way you use Windows, whether it’s for business, or you just want to get better at your favourite game.



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