Windows 8 stole my recent documents!

I’ll admit it. I have a hate hate relationship with Windows 8.  I don’t know if I am just getting old, grumpy, or both, but I really struggle to see any advantages over Windows 7 at this stage.

I think, that like most people, having used windows since the it started being ‘windows’, and especially since Windows 95 where the ubiquitous START menu appeared, I have developed habits and ways of working that have been reinforced with every new edition of windows.

Until now!

I get that Windows 8 is designed from the ground up and to be able to run on phones/tablets/Panels/tables(and hey, maybe even ‘shock horror’ a computer) but the drive to make it so tablet friendly has meant  the death of the windows start button.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have, over the past, oh, 18 years, become rather fond of the start button. It does what I want, where I want, and even better, I get to customise it to work in exactly the way that I want.  Imagine my horror when, after installing Windows 8 onto my laptop, that the start button had gone forever!

Anyone who is a friend of mine on Facebook would have seen a steady stream of expletives cluttering up their friend feed that evening.  Everyone said:

‘calm down, you will get used to it!’ – I don’t want to ‘get used to anything’!

‘It’s brilliant, now you can start to type the name of the application that you want and it appears really quickly’ – hold on, didn’t Bill and his mates design Windows, specifically to get away from that?!

‘now you just press the windows key on the keyboard Jamie’ – I don’t want to press the windows key?! My hand is on the mouse, I have a document open, I want to open something else as well as keeping my document in the background arrgghhh !!

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a really basic feature that I use a lot. I will be in a document, and I want to see the name of another document that I have worked on recently, to refer to say.  In Windows 7, I would click start, zoom up to the Microsoft Word Icon and on the right a list of the recent documents I had open in Word would appear. Genius

In Windows 8, this is not standard, so I have to do this to set it up

Click the start button (on the damn keyboard)

Type WOR….

The Word Icon appears

Right click the word icon

Select, pin to task bar.

Now I can see the icon in my start bar(which I may add, I don’t like as I prefer to have that clean) which I have to right click to see the recent documents.

Is this progress? I’m not sure!

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