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5 Reasons Why Regular Cyber Security Audits are Now More Important Than Ever

While most businesses need to constantly monitor their financials, many SMBs still believe cyber security is something which they can simply “set and forget”. Unfortunately, that’s far from reality, since cyber criminals keep coming up with new ways of attacking their target organisations.

But the recent global pandemic has fueled a surge in cyber attacks across the world in many cases are up to a five-fold increase. In this article, we discuss why the cyber security you have in place today may not be sufficient tomorrow, and why regular cyber security audits have become the new norm for modern businesses of all sizes.

5 Reasons Why Regular Cyber security Audits are Now More Important Than Ever

Reason #1: Cyber threats keep evolving

Malware and computer viruses keep evolving, just like their human counterparts. By not taking the required steps for identification and prevention of new and upcoming cyber threats, you are simply waiting for a disaster to happen!

Reason #2: New Security Patches Are Vital for Your Day-to-day Operations

It’s quite easy to not keep a track of the important security patches that are released by software providers on a regular basis. Having said this, it’s becoming common for cyber criminals to unleash havoc on organisations that are running late in this regard.

A regular cyber security audit will reveal how frequently you have been patching, or not – and this includes your entire IT infrastructure, from the operating systems and email services to the software applications and the devices on the network. So why wait when you can simply avoid cyber threats by being proactive?

Reason #3: Adhering to the Minimum Cyber Security Standards Set by the Government

It has become essential for almost every organisation that holds sensitive data to have periodic cyber security assessments, as per the minimum cyber security standards set by the government. However, these regulations may vary in scope and timeframe, depending on your industry and potential cyber threats. This is why you need a reliable team of cyber security experts on board who can ensure your business is always meeting the relevant regulations and exceeding them.

Reason #4: Most Employees Now Work from Home

Due to the recent public health crisis, work-from-home has become the new norm and there are no signs it’s going “out of fashion” any time soon. Cyber criminals are using this heightened activity on unsecured networks as an opportunity to exploit the users and take advantage of their vulnerability. However, by regularly ensuring the efficacy of network security protocols and enabling multi-factor authentication along with zero-trust architecture, a majority of these cybersecurity risks can be mitigated.

Reason #5: Regularly Briefing Employees on New and Upcoming Cyber Threats is Crucial

Cyber criminals are actively launching new phishing campaigns using emails that point to web pages containing malware, and more recently, there’s an upsurge in Coronavirus-themed phishing attempts. They are going as far as impersonating a variety of renowned organisations, including but not limited to the World Health Organization (WHO) and universities like Johns Hopkins. As we have mentioned earlier in our previous blog posts, your organisation’s cyber security measures are only as strong as your least informed employee!

Final Thoughts

Once you uncover any unidentified cyber security issues, it becomes possible to proactively address them before cyber criminals can make their move. By having access to periodic cyber security evaluations and the subsequent reports, your organisation’s leadership can more accurately assess the underlying business risks, and keep the organisation safe from lurking bad actors.

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