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Our Internet connectivity services provide scalable VoIP, high-speed Broadband and reliable Wi-Fi to help your business run efficiently online

Complete Business Internet Solutions

Modern businesses need fast, high-performing and secure Internet services. Communication, productivity and efficiency all depend on how fast or slow your business Internet services are. Amazing Support understands this fundamental need and works diligently to maintain the robust level of service our clients require.

Without reliable Internet connectivity services, you can’t complete video conferencing or VoIP calls. You can’t contact your customers or colleagues via email. You can’t store or access your files in the Cloud. You can’t leverage online marketing to reach new customers or roam the office browsing company data. Without dependable and highly functional business Internet solutions, you can’t run a business!

So How Do We Do It?

We believe in employing brilliant staff who not only understand the technical side of business, but are also customer service people. They speak to our clients and love getting to know you, so we can ensure our service compliments the way you work.

Every client is treated as if they are our only one. We care passionately about customer services and do everything we can to ensure that your dealings with us are smooth and structured - this has been the bedrock of how we have grown our business and is known internally as The Amazing Way®.

Our team are obsessed about your systems and how they're proactively managed. If we can't say with absolute confidence that we know your business inside and out, how to support your business and your staff on a day-to-day basis, that we know how to get you up and running in the event of a failure, then we do whatever it takes to ensure that we do.

We have implemented a sophisticated Service Desk Ticket Management System together with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in relation to response times for incidents and requests, so that we know how to handle and manage each and every issue to ensure your service delivery expectations are set and met.

What Do We Offer?

Before the Internet, telephone was the driver of business communication. Now, with VoIP technology, you can make calls over the Internet. Standard telephone operators provide poor phone connections, bad signal, and make communicating with your customers difficult. You also have to pay separately for your communication systems – one provider for your telephone and another for Internet.

Amazing Support offers remote and onsite support for VoIP phones and systems. We’ll migrate your business to VoIP, install your new phones, maintain, and monitor your system – all as part of our VoIP service. We won’t just install the phones and leave the system to you, we’ll continue to provide support for your VoIP system so you can keep running your business.

Our VoIP solution is comprehensive. Once we know what your business’ needs are, we can select a provider and VoIP service that fits you. We’ll take care of everything after that.

Is your team working from home now? Standard Wi-Fi packages for home use can’t keep up with business needs. It won’t prevent video conferencing calls from cutting out, it can’t handle large file transfers, and it isn’t fast enough for day-to-day business needs. Home Wi-Fi usually isn’t as secure as business-grade Wi-Fi, either.

We have your business Wi-Fi solution. Whether you want your team members working from home to have a reliable, wireless Internet connection, or you want to provide complimentary Wi-Fi to staff and guests at your office, we’ll devise a bespoke business Wi-Fi solution for you. Our service also includes maintenance and proactive monitoring so your business stays connected.

When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to deal with faulty wireless Internet. So Amazing Support does it for you. Our business Wi-Fi solution isn’t a one-time service. We keep your connection secure, solid and fast and so you can move your business forward.

Can your business get by with a standard broadband package? Do you mind dropped video calls, slow file transfers, and downtime that prevents you from accessing your data stored in the Cloud? For most businesses, these problems bring operations to a halt. When broadband speeds aren’t fast enough, the inconsistency leaves you and your customers frustrated.

Amazing Support provides a full, business broadband Internet package including remote and onsite support. We’ll survey your business, assess your needs, and take a look at your infrastructure. From there, we’ll determine which business broadband package fits you. If one of our many speed and data options doesn’t work for you, we’ll devise a bespoke broadband solution.

With our proactive monitoring, maintenance, and full support, we’ll keep your business at optimal performance online. We work in the background, ensuring everything runs smoothly, while you conduct your business.

We can combine VoIP, business WiFi, and business broadband services to bring you a full connectivity package. Ready to boost your business with fast, secure and reliable Internet? Contact Amazing Support today.

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