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Managed IT Services

Offering you and your business a wide range of Managed IT services and cyber security solutions

Fully Managed IT Services and Cyber Security

Amazing is not a phrase that people are used to hearing alongside business IT services.

More common are expletives, frustrations and other phrases which would not be appropriate to say here.

Because of this we always have a sense of pride when we often hear words such as amazing, brilliant and outstanding used to describe our IT services.

So How Do We Do It?

We believe in employing brilliant staff who not only understand the technical side of business, but are also customer service people. They speak to our clients and love getting to know you, so we can ensure our service compliments the way you work.

Every client is treated as if they are our only one. We care passionately about customer services and do everything we can to ensure that your dealings with us are smooth and structured - this has been the bedrock of how we have grown our business and is known internally as The Amazing Way®.

Our team are obsessed about your systems and how they're proactively managed. If we can't say with absolute confidence that we know your business inside and out, how to support your business and your staff on a day-to-day basis, that we know how to get you up and running in the event of a failure, then we do whatever it takes to ensure that we do.

We have implemented a sophisticated Service Desk Ticket Management System together with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in relation to response times for incidents and requests, so that we know how to handle and manage each and every issue to ensure your service delivery expectations are set and met.

What Do We Offer?

With IT support, one size does not fit all.

That’s why our onboarding process includes a careful review of each client’s unique needs. It’s also why we have regular Account Management meetings with you and strive to ensure that all of our communication is simple and easy to understand – not the jargon-laden minefield you might have come to expect.

Our Managed IT Support covers remote and on-site support for desktops, servers and network equipment. We also include regular maintenance of all systems, pro-active monitoring, managed cyber security, anti-virus and operating system patch management. Together with scheduled site visits, change requests and full support of cloud IT platforms.

We know that you’d rather focus on your business than stay on hold with your software vendors and Internet Service Provider. So we take care of that for you – we’ll manage all of your IT-related third-party communication on your behalf so you can keep doing what you do best.

Proactive maintenance is at the heart of a successful, modern IT system. It ensures that your business-critical systems and networks are up to speed with the latest system and security updates.

With our 24/7/365 maintenance, we constantly monitor and maintain your servers, workstations, and network. That way, we can prevent and resolve security or operational issues before they affect your day-to-day business.

And you can feel assured that you’ll always be in good hands: we’re constantly investing in our monitoring platforms. This means that our experienced team of support technicians will keep your systems online and trouble free.

We know that our clients and their businesses are constantly exposed to cyber threats and potentially business-ending IT security scenarios. That’s why we provide Managed IT Security as part of our Managed IT service foundations as it is our job to put in place and manage cyber threat prevention measures.

Using multiple cyber security platforms covering, profiling, protection, detection and response, vulnerability scanning and qualified network systems auditing, we identify and tighten external and internal IT security weaknesses that we know can and will affect your business.

We then validate cyber compliance and cyber security prevention through our managed platforms and cloud cyber security solutions against regulatory standards in line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and the HM Government Cyber Essentials Scheme requirements and guidelines.

There is simply nothing more frustrating than when the internet goes down. Emails stop and hosted services such as offsite backups, remote working, cloud collaboration platforms and VOIP simply stop working – preventing you and your team from getting things done.

Although a large part of business functions require a reliable wi-fi connection, it’s often the most overlooked part of business IT.

At Amazing Support, we take the time to understand your workflows so that we can recommend the best business broadband, connectivity and communications solutions for your business needs.

Everything we recommend and implement ensures resilience and guaranteed uptime, ultimately giving you peace of mind.

As an official partner and member of the government agency UK Trade & Investment’s (UKTI) UK Advisory Network (UKAN) we have niche experience with helping non-UK businesses move or expand their operations overseas to the UK.

We’ve worked with many overseas companies to provide IT Support and IT Services to their offices in London. That means you can count on our proven experience in managing your UK office while liaising with your overseas head offices and staff.

Read our case study to see how we helped Hashtags Etc

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    Morris - Morris Treger

    Great service!

    Jane - Blackjack's Mill Ltd

    Problem sorted thanks to Mohammad :)

    Laurence - Silva Timber Products Ltd

    Quick and easy as everything was done for me.

    Petra - Chelsea Psychology Clinic

    The guy who helped me was very polite and patient. Also helped me resolve my issue quickly.

    Sangita - Banana Tree

    Excellent service - Thank You!

    Tony - Minerva MC

    I was contacted within a few minutes of reporting the issue and within 30 minutes all was sorted. I\'m not totally IT literate but Mohammad was patient and explained everything simply.

    Fran - FMC Ltd

    I had an issue with Spam email that Mohammed dealt with speedily and efficiently.

    Paul - Silva Timber Ltd

    Quick service, e-mailed and someone phoned me back within 15 minutes.

    Andy - Adams Mitchell

    Very quick response, cleared issue very quickly.