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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a series of FAQs but if you can’t find the answer here please contact us to find out more.

The main role of IT support companies these days is managing and protecting your IT systems. At Amazing Support we are always maintaining and managing systems whether that is your cyber security, applications, operating system or your antivirus software. We also focus on layered protection such as with email filtering and web filtering.

The biggest cyber security threats for businesses in the modern day that companies face these days with regards to cyber security are around Phishing. Phishing equates to about 90 percent of all attacks on businesses so it doesn’t matter how good your security is you must have the latest antivirus updates and security solutions in place. If one of your staff members receives a phishing email that is the start of a cyber security problem. If they then click on an email link in a phishing email it will take them to a website that innocently asks for their details with the user thinking that it’s a Microsoft or HMRC login. Once the user gives away their username and password the criminals have your data and have breached your company. Even worse still is the email link could visibly do nothing but behind the scenes it has downloaded a ransomware file that is now slowly encrypting all files across your company network. Nothing may happen immediately but days, weeks or even months later cyber fraudsters can start to use all of the data they have compromised and seek to extort money from your business. Phishing really is the most current threat. We’re also now seeing vishing which is voice and audio phishing attacks, which at the moment cannot be filtered with technology.
One of the main benefits of working with a smaller IT company like Amazing Support is that you’re always going to speak to the same few people and we only hire people at a high level who have experience so you will always get the right support. If you speak to one of our engineers they will listen to your problems and they’re going to get straight on to fixing the problem. You are not going to be transferred or escalated to another phone call. Your problem will be solved straight away.
When we speak to clients one of their biggest frustrations is that when they call their IT company they get put through to a junior person where they will take all the details and then they’ll pass them on to a second line or perhaps even a third line engineer. This can become really frustrating for the client because they have to continue repeating themselves and this all extends the length of time to resolve their IT issue. Another frustration that we get told quite regularly is they just want to be put through to the right person first time so consequently we’ve always kept ourselves a lean company. When you call us you will only ever speak to the same people and as they’re all at the same senior technical level they will get to know your business, be able to resolve your IT problems quickly and hopefully you will enjoy working with us.
To start with and if you’re able to, rebooting or turning off and on your computer always helps. If that doesn’t work calling us on 0203 728 2555 will.
We support all industries across all verticals
By calling our support team on 0203 728 2555 (option 1) or emailing them at [email protected]
Absolutely, we do this pro-actively and regularly for maintenance, on an ad-hoc basis for projects and also on-demand when you need hands on deck to resolve a problem
We support businesses that have their primary location in Greater London but we do still support their remote and satellite offices that often are located across the UK
We offer a 1 hour response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) for critical IT issues
Of course and we would welcome that. We can give you names and numbers on request.
We have up to 10 people in our business together with a strong back-office team of Network & Security Operations Centre staff
We have offices in London, Hertfordshire and Manchester
No we also have operational and admin staff who are just as valuable to us as our technical team members
Yes, we offer out-of-hours support both extended hours and 24/7
Yes, we can either take over a supported system, help you move to one that we can support or put you in touch with one of our telecoms partners who we have strong relationships with to assist you
We do not provide resolution times as every IT problem is different. What we do say is that we will respond swiftly and look to resolve your support issues as quickly as possible in line with our Service Level Agreement.
Yes, we support both Microsoft and Apple operating system computers.