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Starting and growing a business requires support from a wider network of partners and suppliers who can provide the services you need. This is especially true of small to medium-sized companies that must make the most of the budgets and resources available to them.


Not every business can afford an extensive on-site IT network, which is why Amazing Support are established as one of the leading providers of IT support in Watford. As a local company, we understand the demands placed on businesses in the area, and provide managed IT services to match individual needs in a wide range of industries.


For over ten years we’ve been helping businesses in Watford, offering managed IT services that ensure your systems remain in great working order. We believe in developing long-term relationships wherever possible, delivering scalable support for the business community in Watford.

“Best IT support company! I went to get some small IT issues on my systems sorted out that were making my workflow much harder than it had to be. I had them fixed but also was taught a few other systems that now make my life much easier. Highly recommended!”


Sally W.

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It’s important to keep your IT systems in good working order as they are the lifeblood of many businesses. Amazing Support provide scalable support packages that can be developed to meet the exact needs of your infrastructure. Our friendly, experienced team ensure you always receive a dedicated and flexible solution that always puts your business first.

24 hour – 7 day maintenance

All your systems, laptops, servers, PC’s and technology are monitored constantly to ensure maximum uptime and minimal downtime.

Complete Managed Backups

Monitoring and optimising backups is important, which is why we take the risky work off your hands and allow you to focus on your business. Our team ensure your backups are ready for whenever you need them.

Cloud Solutions

You need secure access to your company IT systems wherever you are & whenever you need to. We can make that happen for your business with Cloud Services & Cloud Technology without any bottlenecks or security worries.

Cyber Security

An impoprtant factor for every business is cyber security. Which is why we stay ahead of the game when it come to cyber threats and keep our clients inline with us, safe and protected from any forseeable cyber risks.

IT Consultancy

We’re obsessed with protection & minimal downtime & make it our focus to ensure that your business IT systems meet industry security & disaster recovery standards. Together with strategic board level advice, our IT Consultancy adds value to your business.

Microsoft Office 365

Allow us to set up and manage your Office 365 system, connecting your entire company and allowing collaborative access to files including Powerpoint, Word, Excel and a whole host of Microsoft products.

Remote IT Support

Save time and money with an outsourced Remote IT support team at your finger tips just when you need them. We work from outside your business, solving your IT problems without the bneed to disturb your office.

System Design & Creation

Using our expertise we design, source, supply and build complete IT systems for your business. Whether you’ve moved office or need to update your current set-up, we can help.

As part of our IT services, our qualified engineers are available to support your business and manage your IT systems on an ongoing basis. This can include updating licenses and virus packages, and providing an in-depth health check of the current state of your IT infrastructure.


You need an IT consultancy that will not leave you waiting and can provide quick and long-lasting answers. By using our managed IT support you are able to lower costs and re-focus your resources into other key areas of the business.



In the modern digital age security is more important than ever. Cyber attacks are a major threat to almost all businesses as a breach in company data can cause huge losses of not only capital, but also of client and internal data. Which is why at Amazing Support we take your cyber security seriously.


Our managed cybersecurity services are designed to protect key business assets, preventing them from being exposed, or vulnerable to the threat of attack. The online landscape is evolving by the day, which means businesses face the complex task of managing unknown dangers being posed to their data.


We help organisations of all sizes build cyber-security systems that are easy to monitor and manage in tandem with their existing IT infrastructure. From advanced malware and server protection, to firewall management and in-depth analysis of the entire system, we implement our years of experience to provide peace of mind while their business remains totally secure.

cyber security



Since May 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was brought into force in the UK. Companies who breach this regulation could face significant financial penalties. At Amazing Support we are able to provide certification for GDPR compliance for businesses in and around the Watford area.


GDPR regulation has been designed to protect any personal data of EU citizens that is being collected, processed, stored or managed. Any data processor or controller must be fully compliant with this new law. The implementation of GDPR has been confusing to many, which is why we offer a clear and easy method of making your business fully compliant.


The Cyber Essentials scheme has been developed to help organisations protect themselves from some of the more common security threats found online. By using Cyber Essentials, you can prevent up to 80% of cyber-attacks. As businesses are more reliant of the internet than ever before, it is essential you are protected as much as possible.



Businesses of all sizes are now able to capitalise on the many benefits cloud technology can offer. It can be particularly beneficial for smaller to medium sized companies who are working with tighter budgets. By working together, Amazing Support can help you find the right cloud service, ensuring you get the most out of the resources available to you.


We’re an IT company that have been working with local businesses in Watford for over 10 years. During that time, we’ve helped countless companies to grow whilst we provide backroom support to help their success. No matter what type of cloud solution you are looking for, we will take the time to review, plan and implement a system that will allow you to focus on other key areas of the business.


Cloud technology can provide significant cost savings freeing up valuable funds to be used elsewhere. Rather than spend money on costly servers, we can provide off-site email hosting and virtual servers, secure file storage and sharing or manage data back-up to keep key business information safe and accessible. Our support team are always on hand, resolving any cloud-related issues the moment they arise, maintaining security as whenever required.

cloud computing



We add value to local businesses by providing a strategic IT consultancy that manages the small details, so you don’t have to. Our full suite of services are available to complement any project work we are providing to your business, ensuring you receive the type of support needed to find a long-lasting solution.


Our businesses first approach starts by taking the time to understand how you work, the issues at hand and what you wish to achieve. We review your current systems and processes to ensure you have a robust business continuity plan in place to protect irreplaceable data. This also includes restoring your systems as quickly as possible, so downtime is reduced to a minimum.


Disaster recovery is another key part of our IT consultancy service. This provides a reliable back-up plan, should the worst possible scenario occur. Our team can also carry out in-depth audits of your IT infrastructure, while delivering bespoke project work that includes everything from migrating servers, to tightening IT security.

What happens when you partner with us?

Get Set-up

Get Set-up

First off we will get you and your team set up on our helpdesk system so that from the word ‘Go’ you have immediate access to our support team.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule Meetings

We don’t just set you up and dissapear. Once you are on our system we will be in touch to arrange some account overview meetings and also any on-site work that was agrred at the beginning.

Completing Onboarding

Completing Onboarding

Then we’ll complete all of the IT Support tasks that need to be done in order to give you the best service. Including risk management audits, asset storage audits and more procedures that will keep your business ticking over healthily.

On-going IT Support

On-going IT Support

With all of this in place, we still won’t dissapear. Our team are constantly monitoring your systems, to identify any potential threats and solve any issues usually wbefore even you notice them; so that you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business.

Why choose Amazing Support?

Free Added Advice and Training:

Want to know more about how better integrated IT could benefit your business? Or maybe how to design systems that protect your from Cyber Crime? Book a free Lunch and Learn, and we’ll visit your offices at a convenient time to explain more about business IT services.

24 Hour System Monitoring:

We keep a close eye on all our client computer systems and networks, even whilst they sleep. Our monitoring system gives us the upper hand on IT system glitches so that we can fix them fast, sometimes before you’ve even noticed.

Microsoft Silver Accredited:

A rare breed, Amazing Support is an accredited Microsoft partner, giving us access to up-to-date news and system information that means all our clients benefit from the best support for their Microsoft systems.

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We know that choosing the right IT Support partner for your business is an important and sometimes daunting task. Which is why we like to call you back at a time of your convenience so that we can explain more about what we do and get to know you better. Then we’re able to put together a proposal that works for you.