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VoIP Business Services

VoIP stands for Voice over IP and it refers to Internet-based phone services. Some common examples of VoIP are Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom.


VoIP For Business

For the modern business, VoIP is a better solution than a traditional landline or phone system. VoIP uses your Internet connection with a voice service called SIP to place and receive calls, so there’s no need to install one or multiple phone lines in your office. You can conduct business with anyone in the world with VoIP because it uses that technology to send voice data over the internet. And with call plans and reduced tariffs, there are often no additional fees for local or international calls. Plus if the person on the other end is also using VoIP, the call can be free of charge as well.

Most VoIP services have better voice and audio clarity and quality of service than traditional phone lines and they cost far less to use and maintain. VoIP telephony is also highly configurable with many options simple to setup and manage on-going. VoIP phones are portable, so you’re not tethered to the office if you want to make a business call and the ability to work remotely and collaborate easily are also big advantages.

To get the most out of your VoIP service, you should also ensure you are using a high-speed, business-grade Wi-Fi package.

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Our VoIP Technology Solutions

Amazing Support provides VoIP telephony and IT services to businesses throughout London and Hertfordshire. As part of our Managed IT solutions, we’ll help you migrate to a VoIP service and set up a new system that’s right for your business. Our reliable VoIP services won’t drop calls and have transparent and affordable pricing structures. After we install your new VoIP service, we’ll continue to monitor for any problems or hiccups.

When you choose Amazing Support for your VoIP telephony service, you have full access to our Managed IT Support. Our expert engineers are available to answer your questions and solve any problems through our Helpdesk, by phone or by submitting a ticket. We pride ourselves on our proactive monitoring tools, which allow us to check the health of your VoIP system and prevent foreseeable problems.

The Benefits Of VoIP Migration

By switching to VoIP technology, your business can cut down on communication and maintenance costs. Since VoIP phones are portable, there’s no need for both office phones and business mobiles for your employees. You can work from anywhere and from any device, whether desk phone, mobile or computer. Business networks can easily be separated and optimised for voice and data and with a VoIP system that can scale up and down almost immediately, you can deliver your services more efficiently and without needing large capital expenditure.

Using a VoIP service is also more reliable, with better performance than a traditional phone service. VoIP telephony is more secure with standardised built-in encryption, less costly to run and with options for business continuity failover and app integration. VoIP has multifunctionality that traditional phone systems struggle with – video conferencing, forwarding voicemail to email, IVR menus and greetings, call queues and ring groups, call recording can all be achieved with VoIP telephony, and all from within a single web browser.

Migrate to a VoIP system with Amazing Support and move your business forward. Contact us today to get started.

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